We want our tenants to be responsible pet owners.  Before you get a pet, ask yourself a few questions:

1. How Long Can I Commit?

Pets are not disposable. When your circumstances change, will you still be able to care for your pet?  On average, cats and dogs live 10-14 years. If you can’t commit to a pet long term, consider other ways to be involved with animals, such as pet sitting, donating to rescue organizations or volunteering at a pet shelter.

2. Do I Have Time?

How much time do you have to spend with your pet? College is filled with late night studying and spur of the moment fun. How does a pet fit in?

Puppies need 2-3 hours of exercise per day, while older dogs need about 30 minutes. Crate training is great, but dogs should be crated a max of 4-5 hrs per day.  Don’t forget to factor in time for daily walks & teaching basic obedience skills (dogs), daily grooming & out of cage romps (guinea pigs), and daily litter box scooping (cats).

3. What About Roommates?

The Cottages requires pet owners to have a signed release from all roommates before you bring a pet home. Not everyone is a pet lover and that is ok.

Financially, the pet owner is responsible for a pet fee, damages to the owner’s room and common areas, and any pet fines (unregistered pets, unpicked up waste, etc).

Roommates are partially responsible for damage to common areas. We divide any common area damage charges evenly among all roommates. (Other arrangements, such as the pet owner reimbursing roommates for damage fees, are made between roommates and we do not get involved).

4. Can I Afford a Pet?

The first year of pet ownership can be the most expensive between the food, spay/neuter costs, any initial medical treatment, a cage or create, collar/leash, litter, and toys. With all the one time costs, dogs typically cost $1260 the first year, cats average $1035, and guinea pigs $705. If a pet has special needs (allergies, epilepsy, or any emergencies), the cost can rise.

At the Cottages, we charge an annual, non-refundable pet fee of $375.