Summer Utility Savings

June 5, 2015 - (Property Life)
Summer Utility Savings

Nobody likes paying high utility bills. The higher they are, the more Ramen noodles in your diet. You deserve better. Use these tips to find ways to lower your bills.

  • Program your thermostat schedule. Don’t know how? Submit a maintenance request on our website and we’ll come out to help you.
  • Shorter cycles. Use power-saving “light” modes on your washer, dryer & dishwasher to conserve & still get the job done.
  • Empty the lint tray. Let your dryer breathe by clearing the lint filter after each cycle.
  • Listen to your toilet. If you hear running water long after you’ve flushed, you’re flushing money down the drain. Submit a maintenance request ASAP!
  • Quicker showers. Try to cut down to 10 minutes or less per day.
  • Unplug hot stuff when you’re done. Hair straighteners, curling irons, and anything that creates heat uses a lot of power.